Today was a slow day. I spent the morning hacking at my fabric stash for pin cushions and tea wallets (tomorrow’s post) and I think the larger scraps are going to be yarn soon. I have had some of this fabric since middle school. It’s time for it to go. Especially if we’re getting a washer/dryer as my bins are currently stacked in that space!

The trip to Lady’s parents went well. We saw Emmie at her graduation party- she’s a teacher now!- and hung with the girls and went garage saleing with her mom. It was awesome. I got scissors and a whole bin of thread and an awesome old level. Also, a ’68 copy of an Old Mr. Boston’s guide to mixed drinks and ‘How to do basically everything’. I have been eyeing that book for months and there it was! AND we found a pair of STEEL TOED SNEAKERS that fit me! I can’t find shoes in stores but apparently garage sales are where to go lol.

AND we went up in a hot air balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was at Lady’s dad’s work and it was amazing. I need to look up a ballooning festival or something so we can do it again.


Lady’s mom liked the casserole carrier I made her. I think she was more happy that we were there though.


I’m currently conducting an experiment on Lady’s luggage case she got last time she went home. It smells like basement. She’s been soaking it in baking soda but no go so far. I’ve been spraying it with a vinegar and water solution and leaving it out in the sun to dry. I think I’ve got the mixture about right on the fourth try.


Now it’s nap time before picking up Lady and Mom from work and then going to work myself! I’ve been off for two weeks (thus the copious amounts of crafting) and now I’m back to running the current show.

I think tomorrow will be about tea wallets and how bad the show was. Sleep time!!!