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For a few years now, Lady and I have participated in All Hallow’s Read, an idea posed by author Neil Gaiman for Halloween to exchange creepy novels and support horror fiction.

The books have gone over fairly well, including a friend telling us that he once had the book we chose for him, and was not only delighted to have it again but he had mentiomed it just a few days previous to recieving it.

Lady and I go up to a used book store about half an hour away and paruse the one dollar horror books. We choose the best (or worst) we can find, then sit on the floor and decide which books will go to whom. After the first year, we learned to bring a pencil and write the recipient in the book to avoid all of the “Was this for her or him?” hassel.

Aside from the books, we like to send bookmarks as well. I can’t remember the first year, but we have made femurs with “This book belongs to….” and orange and black ribbons and this year I found a beautiful eyeball stamp and included a multicolored tassel.


*Wine not included with book*

We stamped the year on the back too. I think I like this one the best so far.

So send off spooky stories to all to thrill and chill and get that Halloween spirit going!