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Hello again, my friends!

Well… Yup…. The next four years are going to be… We have a plan to move to Canada and I’m working on cleaning out the house to make that easier. Two large bags to Salvation Army and a tote of books left us last week. Organizing and paring down…

BUT on a happier note…

Our anniversary is coming up this week! Lady and I don’t usually do “presants” for it. Last year we went bowling with friends and she surprised me with a Kylo Ren cup and Star Wars stickers. And our dates are usually surprises- we’ll grab food and then go do something together and decide it’s a date.

So I was watching this great video of ideas, and it hit me what I needed to do.

Lady’s pretty much a selkie and loves mermaids. We have plenty of decorations etc to indicate my witch-yness, but not a lot of nautical themes.

Ta Da!

I put pearls in every shell so she can wear it either way. Simple but pretty.

I stood in front of the jewelry findings at Michael’s for a half hour trying to figure out all the fidley bits I’d need to make these. I’ll probably make her a couple more with the extra.

Jewelry is weird, but kinda fun. Maybe I’ll make some more.

Both Lady and I have to work on the actual day, so I’m going to sneak them into her work bag as a surprise. In keeping with tradition.