What am I doing here, you ask?

Why, answering some questions, of course.

I am a young adult female living in upstate New York. I am a solitary pagan practitioner who sometimes joins my other free range friends for spiritual, religious, and crafty gatherings. I work as a carpenter in a local theater and create various wooden things as I go. I sew a bunch and am learning crochet. I like to bake. I enjoy creating and destroying and all sorts of different crafts.

I am engaged to a wonderful writer.

So…. What is a ‘free range pagan’? It’s a term coined by a friend to mean all the solitaries and otherly-spiritually minded people that we tend to hang out with. It’s those who have found and are comfortable with their own view of this world and the worlds beyond and behind. We are those who are not a part of a larger organization nor do we all follow the exact same paths. More a merging of various on and off ramps rather than a long highway. We may not always get together or agree on things, but we all understand that if needed, there is a support group out there for questions and interests and fun times.


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