Such a busy day! Not much sleep happening, we went to Beauty and the Beast last night and then Lady remembered that she didn’t have a gift for her mom’s bday/mother’s day so I stayed up laaaate and found an awesome casserole carrier tutorial here.

So after taking Lady into work at 7 this morning, I hit walmart for fabric. For all their big-business bull,  they do have kick butt fun fabrics. I found this amazing fabric $8 for 4 yards. I couldn’t pass up the paisley and elephants.



The inside paisley.

So I spent all day sewing this up and then a family issue came up and I had to finish the velcro at Lady’s parents when we got in. Did I mention that we drove out for the weekend? Four hours driving after all day sewing. I just about ate someone’s face when we got in.

Hanging with the girls for a while, then sleep and parties tomorrow and driving back in the middle of the night, probably.