Last Saturday was Pride day in my area. I walked in the parade with my friends under our area’s burlesque flag. The theme was Wizard of Oz and the girls went was flying monkeys. Of course I had to be different. Also I don’t have a pair of feathered wings. X)

So what do I do? Make a corny joke of course.


Do you see where I’m going with this?


But of course! I was Somewhere Over the Rainbow! 🙂 I put the skirt together in an evening and then dyed it. It came out much more pastel than I wanted, but still good. I sewed some jump rings up the side seams to gather it. The white tutu really made it look good.

Pride was fun. It rained horribly, the parade was delayed, and whoever was the mc for the music was annoying as hell. Those are the only thimhs that were wrong. I walked with my girls, we hung out, we had food, we caught colds.

I will do it again in a heartbeat.