Lunapads, New Moon pad, Gladrags, whatever you want to call them, mentrational catchers are necessary for a majority of the world’s population. So why are commercial pads so expensive? Why buy something to throw it away?

A few years ago I found out that you could make your own, washable pads for the cheap. Why did I wait so long to make some? Partially because I thought Lady would think it was gross, and I just never got around to it.

But I hate buying pads. So here goes.

We start with research- I searched cloth pads and there are a million sites with patterns and instructions.  I like Natural Suburbia. I made my pattern a little bit bigger than theirs. I used a vinyl tablecloth for the bottom layer, I think it’ll help with leaks more than the cloth.


Dark kitchen is dark. I cut out two inner towel layers, one top cotton layer, one bottom from cotton and one from vinyl.


The two towel layers are slightly smaller than the top piece and first I surged them together. I then surged the inside edges of the top cotton piece and sewed the two bottom pieces together, with the plasticy bit on the inside and the fuzzy side out. You can kinda see the pattern around the cotton.  I stacked them all up and surged the crap out of it. Last, I sewed down the sides of the top layer.


I lied. Last is adding a snap so it’ll stay on my underwear. I’m happy with it. I might regret using white fabric, but oh well. We’ll see how the prototype works out and I’ll probably make more.

Woohoo! Eco and budget friendly necessities!