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My favorite project this summer so far has been the back porch storage bench.

I knew that we needed actual seats put there if I was to lure Lady and friends outside at all this summer (darn you evil day-star). I was just going to cobble together something from the scraps laying around when Lady came across an idea to use an old bedframe. Awesome.

So off I went Salvation Army stores, Goodwill and finally Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Where I found-


Next was picking up a seat from Lowes. I kinda felt lile Ron Swanson when any of the associates came up to me. “Can I help you?” “I know more than you” But of course you don’t say that to nice old men so I just smiled.

Anyways, got everything home and the first step was cutting the footboard in half, then drilling pocket holes to attach it.0525161315a

I then measured where the sides would hit the headboard and screwed them in.


Using the slats that came with the bed, I made the frame for the seat. The piece on the headboard was narrower than the slats so there was going to be a gap in the back.


I had some lauan left over from backing something else, probably the guinea pig cage, and I cut that down to fit the bottom of the seat. OK, so it didn’t quite reach and that gap is now a little big. But whatever, its just going to store garden tools and it’s for me, so it doesn’t need to be perfect. If I was making this for a present or a customer, I would have gotten a new piece and filled the gap.


Last was measuring and cutting the seat to fit, sanding and digging out some hinges from the toolbox. Done!


How cute is this thing? Lady and I went out and got some outdoor cushions for it, which the neighbor’s cat has claimed for it’s own during the day. I think I’ll paint it all over white when the weather decides to cooperate.