For the first time while canning, a jar broke in the canner. All those lovely peaches floating free in glass strewn water. 

I’m proud of myself. I didn’t panic and only cursed a few times. 🙂 After removing the broken glass I could see, I took out the remaining jars and wrapped them up in oven mits to keep warm. Strained the peaches into my simple sugar syrup, then realized that I now couldn’t use it again since there could be glass. Dumped the water and glass into the sink and refilled it a bit. I got my remaining pots out and filled them and got them boiling. So, a good fifteen minutes later, the remaining jars are in and cooking. 

Thanks to Marisa at Food In Jars for telling me what to do. 

I also knocked over the plates I’ve yet to wash and broke the one I had in college. :`(

Three jars of butter canned as well. 

Maybe I’ll take the rest of the day off.