Since I last posted, my computer was stolen, my car window smashed in, was threatened with losing my job, found a summer job, made things, didn’t make things, finally finished some things, and lost a roommate.

Where to begin? Our roommate moved out shortly after I came back from Massachusettes, moved in with a coworker, proceeded to talk bad about said coworker while at work and finally moved back in with her parents after totally her car. Whoa. She is now not even speaking to either Lady or myself, and I’m considering it getting rid of negative energy.

Just before christmas my car was broken into at work and my computer stolen while I was at the mandatory party. Lady was away that week visiting family and Tara was in GA. Not a good week.

Lady and I went with some friends to a convention in Boston, and I made a bustle to add to my steampunk skirt. I bought a corset!!!


Made my friend Will a dice bag for his birthday. Image

Made an apron for Tara and now she is contractually obligated to make me homemade pirogies. That are the most amazing things ever.


Lady being a beautiful model.

I”m currently in the middle of some stuffed toys for the little ones, but am all out of polyfill. Waiting for that order to arrive so I can finish things. 🙂