So what have i been up to?

Back to work at the theater, my boss was not doing her job correctly, but the show is (mostly) up and ready to go for actors, so I guess we’re all good on that front.

I have successfully canned two quarts of peaches from the farmer’s market, and two quarts of butter are still cooling, ready to be stored.


I’ve made a bunch of shelves, and we got a dryer from a friend of Lady’s. A new teapot is the highlight so far 🙂


Lady planted a bunch of late plants and they are taking well. We should have a good crop of veg by the time winter sets in.

I’ve been home two weeks and I’m still playing catch up with my life. Laundry is never-ending, dishes are high (or not, my Lady is awesome) and soo many projects that have to get done. But now that I’ve gotten some canning and cleaning done, the fabric projects should start up again. Halloween is fast approaching, after all.