One aspect of paganism that I have come to accept more and more is that we are sexually positive. There should be no negative connotations connected with the expression or act, and everyone should be a responsible adult about it.

This is not true in all cases, I understand that. There will always be people who take things too far or corrupt them completely. But for me, learning that sex was not dirty or something to never talk about, was freeing in sooo many ways. The only thing I worry about concerning sex is whether my Lady is pleased or not.

One- it is no one else’s business what we get up to. Not my Mom’s, my lady’s family, not even respective deities. They gave us free will for a reason.

Two- it is amazingly stimulative. Which is a contributing factor in writing this up tonight. I have been going at work for a month and a half now, and it is tiring work. No off days, but some random off hours. Sometimes these correlate with Lady’s day off and I jet home (one hour through the mountains) for a visit. I have managed two so far in six weeks.

Working Williamstown is exhausting and draining. TMI, I know, but having sex with my fiance has gotten me back some energy. I ran two shows today after getting back in, and I still have enough where-with-all to clean up my room, put things away, and get some projects done. Yesterday I had one show, and I couldn’t get the energy up to make a sandwich, much less anything else.

The revitalizing capacity of sex is amazing. More of it actually makes my relationship better, as Lady has anxiety issues and sundry other hang-ups, and it helps her to relax. No, we’re not pushing our troubles away, but with the influx of good hormones and stress relief, we can talk and think through things easier than if we’ve both been uptight.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to get laid constantly, but that I noticed I’m a bit more productive after a bout. 🙂