Uncle Rai saves me again.

By that I mean that Raiden, the Japanese God of Storms, who is the uncle of my spiritual brother, has twice now gotten me out of soul crushing funks just when I needed it. I’m not so egotistical to think that he specifically directed storms my way, but I do think he’s glancing over if I’m in his path.

The first time was on Lady and my trip home from out vacation in Connecticut. I had rearended someone (no one was hurt) but the thought that I could have harmed Lady ruined my entire outlook on life. There were also a few close calls after that on the way home, but those were due to the impatience of other drivers. As we were hitting one of the cities, we came in the path of a tornado/hurricane that had been making its way northward. From the first lightning bolt I started to feel better. By the time it was driving rain and thunder and lightning I had my window open, my arm out, and was driving down the highway in the best mood I’d had all week. We stopped to watch for a while, and cuddle on the side of the road. It was amazing.

Tonight he did it again. I am working at Williamstown Theatre Festival, where we work at least 12 hour days, and more often more than that. Although I did have ‘days off’ when I went to Gather three weeks ago, that was hardly restful. A post for another time.

I am tired. I am frustrated. My utmost care and precision are not enough for the master carpenter. I have also been running the show in my space all week and tomorrow is the first day I do not have to sit through and listen to this awful play. My counterpart is heading home as I type, but I’m to the shop tomorrow. I would have taken this better I believe, if I had eaten a bit more, slept a bit more last night (the electrics department decided to have a very loud and prolonged party under my window) and had not vomited up my dinner multiple times and then continued to work. To top it off, my dash lights would not work for most of the way home.

Upon entering campus, the rain began. By the time I made it to my dorm, it was lightning and wonderful. I stayed outside for a while and let the rain pour over me. I danced around barefoot in the wet grass. I watched the black sky light up again and again. I made a promise to myself and Uncle Rai and everyone else that I would be better, I would be the best I could be, calm, confident, competent. I let the negativity go and sink into earth and stretched my wings for the first real time since Gather.

So thank you Uncle Rai for being there for me. For reminding me to be happy and strong and I have family looking out for me.