I’m leaving for Massachusettes today!!! I still have to pack 😦

But first is the last laundry and finishing Tara’s dress.

Lady and I helped our friends move yesterday. It took us from 2:30 until midnight to get everything out, and they just moved downtown!

I was also a superhero yesterday. It makes sense in a minute. There was s high skelf in teh old closet with boxed shoved in the back, so I Spidermaned myself up the walls to get them. Then the box spring WOULD NOT fit up the new stairs. We tried a few different ways but it was just not happening. SHe was going to tear it apart to get it up there but Lady and I went upstairs to see if we could manage to get a window open enough to make it work. They moved into the second floor by the way.

So we finally figured out how to take out the windows and it was an inch bigger then the box. Go us! SO they handed it up to us and we had a box spring hanging out a second story window until we could lever it inside. And I call that Supermaning that thing.

Then after it was all in, I dropped Lady off since she had work at 6 this morning, and I went to Tara’s to finish the dress she wants for the wedding next week. After much trial and error, we figured out how to make a straight dress into this-


and I got home around two this morning. After taking Lady to work I passed out again. And now onto packing!!!!!! And Laundry!! …. And sewing…….! ……………….Zzzzzzzzzzz………………..