On monday I put together another wedding gift (tutorial later) and baked my first apple pie from scratch.


This past Tuesday Lady and I went out to Mystic Seaport for a short vacation before I go to Williamstown for three months. The place holds a special meaning for me as my family used to go there for vacations when I was little. The Seaport was just as I remember it, and she had a great time. We did get into a fender bender when we were going for lunch, but everyone’s ok.




Thursday was strike of God of Carnage at the theater. We had the set down before 10:30 but we couldn’t find any trucks to rent to move it. We went to 4 different rental companies and all of them were out of everything.

Friday Tara and I went out to Lee, Mass. because I got this thing in the mail that I won a prize. We were pretty sure that it was a scam but we went to check it out anyways. It was supposed to be a 90 minutes talk and tour and then you get your prize. It was a time share gig. Three hours later and I’m doing 110 on the highway to get us back in time for a wedding at the town hall. We would have made it but they moved the time up by 15 minutes. The bride’s husband’s family had gone to the same time share thing and everything they said was a lie.


On the plus side Tara and I tricked everyone into believing we were going to get married. The fact that we told them this and that they still kept us overlong is horrible. It was like trying to walk out of a swimming pool filled with molasses. I finally just got up and walked out. I wanted to burn them down soo badly.

And today was a lazy morning filled with chocolate chip pancakes, thunder cake, and packing for Williamstown tomorrow.