Yesterday saw me forgetting to take my sister home (we work in the same place), going all the way back for her then remembering that I hadn’t finished the wedding present for today and working until 1 in the morning to finish it. No pictures, but I’ll have some on the next one as I have another wedding to attend in two weeks.

This morning was full of groceries and pancakes and coating the table for outside. Urathane in hair is not recommended.

Lady and I got ready for the wedding of my sister’s best friend and then off we went. Mom picked us up since it was two blocks from the house. Outside in the park near the falls. It was awesome. I was slathered in sun screen and my parasol was up the entire time. She looked great and the ceremony was short and sweet. My sister caught the bouquet and was kinda horrified that she was going to be felt up by one of the men. Hilarious.

Now I’m waiting for the show to start and finish and go home so I can take off these heels. Because I forgot to pack sneakers.


The gift was inspired by the above picture. Except that I could only find jingle bells. So I hung a package of bells from various lengths of ribbon and made a plaque with Ring for a Kiss painted on and some wedding charms I found. I forgot to take a picture, but there will be more.

Tomorrow brings that tea wallet tutorial I keep promising and finishing up the table.