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Good morning! Taking a break from the dress to show some more crafts.

This was Lady’s anniversary gift last year. She loves the tree of life, so I embroidered this on a scarf, another thing she loves!


I traced this from my computer screen, then pinned it in place and started outlining. Most of it was done while sitting in the laundromat waiting for clothes to be done. That was when I was cleaning out the upstairs of mom’s house so I could sleep there without things collapsing on me. Sooo many clothes.


Finished product. She loved it and it’s on her dresser right now. It was fun, a lot like coloring with thread.

I already posted a pic of this one, but it was a present so…. This was for our friend down in VA. Kelley can do most crafts you can think of, but when she moved south she had to get rid of most of her storage and supplies. Well, Lady and I were garage saleing and found a lot of yarn for very cheap and thought, we have to send these to Kelley. So I whipped up this bag (she loves orange and I think it was an old pair of her jeans too!) to hold the yarn and needles and such. Not shown are the pockets I made for the inside. Various thicknesses to hold all those giant needles.


Another friend came to stay in the new apartment when she was on break from grad school and she brought her tarot cards with her. Now, I like making things that people can actually use. And I have made most of my friend’s card bags lol. So when she showed me her new cards, I couldn’t resist telling her to pick some fabric and I got to work. The bottom is some fake crushed velvet from some pants I found and the top was left over from my brother’s vest. Red ribbon to match the kanjis and it fit all her cards and the book and I didn’t even measure!

The tutorial for the bag is here at Wee Folk Art. I got a lot of inspiration from these ladies.


My baby cousins (not really babies anymore!) got these dolls for christmas/birthday. I’m really bad at getting christmas presents done for actual christmas lol. The girls got these dolls with two faces. The sleeping one is under the skirt. Gotta love old toy books. I think this was from the ’70s of ’80s. Jon got the triceratops. I had already made him a brontosaurus for his birthday.


My good friend Erin had a birthday a while ago and I couldn’t decide what to make her until the day of! She’s a bit steampunk and a gamer, so I thought why not combine the two! These were walmart dice that I spray painted (first spray painting at the new apartment!) metallic and edged in gold marker. The dots became gears and I used up most of my stash for these otherwise I think I’d have made some for me! The glue I used kinda smudged the paint so it looked really cool and worn. The bag is a fabric swatch from the expensive fabrics that had been discounted and is the same pattern from Wee Folk Art.


So the family down south has been having some difficulties. These were all supposed to be christmas presents again, but I just got them all done last week! This is Melissa’s quilting apron, made from the bottom of a kitchen curtain. The little jean pocket is only sewed on the sides so she can hang scissors and the stripey pockets are all different widths.


Embroidered lucky toad bookmark for Steve to go in his giant book of motorcycles.


Gnome play set for the baby. All this from scrap wood in the shop. There’s a bunch of trees too but I can’t seem to find the other pics. This was the first time I’d used a wood burner. It was fun.

She loved this playset! It’s apparently the back and front yard of her doll house now.


I made Justin an AURYN from felt and got him the book, made Jessi a box with an owl on it, and Roger got a reversable vest.

My Tara is a night person, so I finally got her a parasol after she stole mine for the umpteenth time. The store didn’t have a black one, so purple was the pick, and I sprayed it black. And then made a black cover with purple edging.


That’s all for today! If I could find the other pictures I’m sure I have a lot more. Not sure for tomorrow, guess I’ll figure it out then.