Say you have a few large projects that need to get done, no, seriously, need to get done before you leave for three months and are without a sewing machine. What do you do?

Work on small, unplanned bits and watch tv, of course. *headdeak*

But it’s still being productive, so I’m ok with it.

First off is the apron (mock 2). My lady kept giving me odd looks while wearing the first. Maybe I’m just weird or have read too many Tasha Tudor books, but I like the idea of wearing an apron out and about, especially since I prefer to wear skirts when not working (theatre, that is. I wore skirts all the time at the gym.)

It’s made from the top half of a kitchen curtain, the bottom was used as the sewing apron I made my sister-in-law down south. The pockets are jean pockets, cause I love reusing them. I love the look.


And then I baked a bunch of cookies. They were supposed to be chocolate chip, but I just bused whatever was open in the pantry, chocolate, white and butterscotch. ^_^ I would have a picture but they’re all gone now. Lady called them crack cookies.

What else? I finished up the rug. Well, as much as I have braided at the moment. I’m sure I’ll add to it as I go. I started this rug at least three years ago and I’ve taken the middle apart twice to smooth it out. The best fabric I’ve found is wool/cotton flannel stuff. I mostly used old flannel shirts and skirts that my cousin left when she moved to California.It’s about 45″ wide at the moment.

Image  Image

I made a pincushion out of an oj cap, thanks to Karen at Sew Many Ways. I am currently stalking her blog and I love the Tool Time Tuesdays.

Image   Image

I got fed up with not knowing where the cords were for my camera, so i made a draw string bag out of scraps. The print is from some pants and the inside is an old shirt. Image   Image

I have little storage and many interests. I claimed a whole bookcase for myself in my little corner and it’s a mess! I finally broke down and bought a tension rod for the ribbons and got to work.


My mom keeps saving glass jars for me, which is awesome, but I have no room! Guess I’ll have to start making more lanterns out of them,. I have spray frost (somewhere) and I made a couple of lanterns last year for a friend’s shop. Anyway, fixed up the shelves (a bit).


Picked up another toy book at the library book sale. This one has multiple people shaped dolls, which I don’t have yet.

I think that’s it for now. On the list- dress for the weddings, something to store the sweaters in the closet, and relabeling our garbage bin.

Tomorrow- Past Presents