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So a little rant about crafting.

Crafting is a hobby. Crafting is a way of life. Crafting is a way of earning, of pride, of success and failure.

Crafting, it appears, is very unusual. I worked a desk job last summer and always had some project with me. Book binding, sewing, embroidery, etc. The amount of customers who asked me what I was doing and that they wouldn’t know how to sew a button was truly amazing. Now, I know that crafting is not a lost art. We have enough Michael’s, AC Moore’s, and Hobby Lobby’s to attest to this. We have home ec classes in school (or we did. Our city has been making far too many budget cuts lately), so shouldn’t everyone have a basic understanding of how to repair simple rips?

Of course not. We’re a consumerist society. if it’s broke, but a new one. And if you rip your jeans, buy a new pair that has even bigger rips.

Anyways, crafting helps me to live life the way I want. I feel better knowing that I reused those worn-torn pair of jeans into a knitting bag for a friend-


Or a cool (too small) shirt for a pillow-


When I’m not doing a project, I feel like I’m unbalanced. I’m not creating something useful or pretty, and that urge starts setting me off. On the other hand, it also has to be something I choose. I build sets all day for work, but I’m still itching to come home and craft. I love the physicality of building, but the mental stimulation of figuring out a pattern or making up my own is fun.

So there’s an intro to my crafting. I do it, I do it constantly. I come up with an idea and usually see it through. From decorating dice to work desks, I love to make things.